Cable Testing Laboratory


The laboratory is situated within the factory of our client, cable goknur. The main function of the lab is to test the cables and verify the quality. The laboratory comprises of a ground floor and a 1st floor where the ground floor is a laboratory to test their cables and the first floor is designed as an open office along with a lounge area. 

The cable testing laboratory also offers a space for its staff to work comfortably and to facilitate the communication among the working team. In addition, the laboratory makes use of vertical vegetation to provide its workers with a friendly and a sustainable environment. 

Finally, the glass dividers create the appropriate environment for the workers to delicately define different spaces and functions without disturbing visual communication. The transparency within the project allows visual connection with the outside and allows for an open communication environment within the staff working at the laboratory. 

Cable testing laboratory, Office design, corporate design.

The project comprises of a cable testing laboratory on the ground level and offices and a meeting room on the first level. The offices and the laboratory both enjoy transparency and strong visual connection with the factory whilst also stay intact with nature and greenery. 

Baku, Azerbaijan


Architecture, Interior design, office design

trace it lab sustainable working place

The transparency across the upper floor allows a better communication among the staff.

Workplace well-being

The interior of the offices exhibits transparency and openness for the staff working there and includes a variety of materials and textures to differentiate smaller spaces within one big space.

Furthermore, the visual connection with the vegetation helps the staff stay positive and productive throughout their day.

Laboratory architecture and interior design
laboratory office design - interior
Transparent meeting room - office design

The ground level is the cable testing laboratory where staff also enjoy views of the green wall as well as an overview of the factory. 

Entrance to laboratory offices

The entrance to the offices and laboratory.  


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