Engineering Design Tropisms - Atölye

This project aims to Explore the potential of a cellular growth algorithm by means of iteration, optimization & voxelization. The research was based on understanding the characteristics of the algorithm and expanding them in an iterative way.

The cellular growth represents a key algorithm in understanding growth and expansion processes. The iterative ways of designing must always be optimized and processed in order to obtain coherent proposal. In the second part of voxelization & material testing VR solutions where involved to insure an accurate building process.

Engineering Design Tropisms – Atölyesi, Igor Pantic ve Cristoph Klemmt gözetimi altında, farklı altyapıya sahip insanlarla işbirliği süreci ile yürütülmüş bir atölye projesi

Viyana, Avusturya




A discrete cellular growth simulation was utilized for the generation of the overall geometry.

Physical model image (Installation built for the AA Visiting School Vienna at Die Angewandte.


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