Parametrik Kampüs Mobilyası

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As architects and designers, we are ought to start by changing and enhancing the spaces and environment around us. As it is common, there are often hidden gems within our own surroundings that are not well-designed or taken care of. Therefore, the main aim of the project was to bring back life to the under utilized part of the university campus with adaptive and parametric furniture that adapts to the users’ needs and requirements. 

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Bilkent Üniversitesi, Ankara, Türkiye


Kent Mobilyası Tasarımı, Peyzaj

Data Collection

The site chosen is under-utilized by students and faculty members alike as it lacks seating units and is hidden by the untamed vegetation – making it look less inviting than the other parts of the campus.

The site is located on a path that connects the main campus with the main cafeteria and library – which are frequently used by students and faculty members. 

1. Existing buildings , 2. Gathering density , 3. Pedestrian footpaths 

Setting the Parameters 

The site is surrounded by a wide range of vegetation enriching it with colors of nature throughout the year where students have the chance enjoy the change of color in trees from pink to dark brown as seasons change. However, due to the lack of seating units on the site, users have to improvise and use the edges of the fountain as seats or stairs.

Therefore, setting the site parameters will result in furniture variations that actively respond to the site’s condition and environment. 

Responsive form 

The furniture piece takes into consideration the human factors to ensure optimum comfort for its users and to accommodate a wide range of users and their preferences. 

Parametric campus furniture architecture

Site Integration

The furniture set has the ability to connect different parts of the site and campus making it a more integrated space, thus, inviting people to discover a new gem within their campus.

parametric campus furniture variation
ergonomic flexible architecture - parametric campus furniture

The parametric set opens up a part of the campus that is neglected and forgotten. 


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