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The site is situated near the sea-side in Baku and is currently occupied by an old building that needs to be deconstructed. The site is also surrounded by scattered green spaces, however, not connected. The proposed project suggests a residential building that also includes co-working spaces and retail shops that can contribute the surrounding side and improve it. 

The building also allows pedestrians to pass through the site, thus, connecting green spaces and encouraging physical activity. In addition, the site is close to public transportation which will encourage and promote the use of public transportation by the residents and those who work in the building. 

The stepping in the building form gives apartments sea-view without compromise and results in unique apartment flats that gives a feeling of customization. 

Konut Daireleri, Ortak Çalışma Alanı, Mağaza

Bakü, Azerbaycan


Mimari, Peyzaj, Cephe Tasarımı

Connecting Greens 

The residential building compensates for the environmental effects of deconstructing the existing building by allowing and encouraging physical activity of the residents as well those that live or work around them. 

The building celebrates and improves the existing elements of the site that were not synthesized or utilized previously. 

Mix-use residential building. 

residential building exterior baku

The building takes into consideration the human scale with its terraces near the ground level. 

sea view residential building

A view of the residential complex from the street. 


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