Wooden Co-housing

wooden co-housing

The pattern and pace of life today is quick and fast and communal traditions and activities that combine and bring together people of different age groups and backgrounds have become less and less common. However, it is this diversity and collective activity that shape us into well-rounded, compassionate, contributing individuals. Thus, this project aims to bring back these communal activities to blur the lines between different demographics and bring them closer together so that they can learn from and interact with one another.

The wooden co-housing is located in Ankara near the landmark observation tower, Atakule, the botanical garden, and portakal cecegi (park). This project aims to allow residents of the complex as well as their neighbors to easily access these green areas in the dense urban environment through bringing down the roads and changing them to tunnels, thus, the roads are given back to pedestrians. This shall encourage walking and physical activity among the residents as well as people working in that area.

80 msq units, 120 msq units, workshop spaces, reading and studying spaces, courtyard, common dining areas, indoor garden. 

The wooden co-housing project consists of different rectangular blocks of different sizes to cater for different family sizes and needs and has the ability to expand as the family size grows by simply demolishing the wall.

Every floor has blocks of different sizes to encourage the interaction between different people of different backgrounds and ages. The ground floor apartments near the activity areas have been designated to the elderly, thus, to involve them in activity and to help them stay active and feeling significant to the community. Children also living in this complex will get to interact and learn from not just their school and their video games but also from the cocktail of ages and people co-living with them. Moreover, the residents have the freedom to live either near the communal spaces or away from them in a rather quiet section of the complex.

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Ankara, Turkey


Architecture, Interior design, landscape


Massing Concept 

In response to the sun path, the structural grid, the pedestrian paths , and the community connection, different blocks are placed with different qualities to provide a variety of choices within one complex to attract people of different professions, backgrounds, and ages to co-live in this complex.

wooden co-housing general typical floor plan

Flexible and adaptive living

The co-housing units aim to offer a variety of living spaces, sizes, and experiences where every unit has a special quality, thus, providing residents with a feeling of ownership and customization in today’s often insensitive building apartments. One can choose to enjoy a balcony, indoor garden, courtyard, common kitchen, or the city view. The co-housing complex is split into two parts so as to accommodate to as many tastes as possible. The eastern section is close to common spaces and events whereas the western section is away from these lively activities for residents who enjoy quiet environments.

wooden co-housing view to central courtyard

View from one of the elderly units with a view of the courtyard and the communal spaces.


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