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The store is located in a shopping mall that ison the outskirts of the city. The Turkish Bazaar is to bring a taste of Turkey and its culture to visitors of the mall and to celebrate the Turkish culture. 

The Turkish bazaar offers an experience to its visitors with its dark interiors and clear pathway to encourage customers to use the store as a passageway, thus, stimulating the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Turkish bazaar, Ice cream stand, cashier space, photo section, accessories stand, homeware section, central display tables. 

Shopping Mall 


Interior design 

Store as a Passage 

Grabbing the opportunity that the store has two entrance points, the store follows a similar path to a real Bazaar where you can go across the store. The customers get to cross to the other side of the shopping mall through the shop. 

Turkish bazaar planturkish bazaar plan zoning

Floor plan of Turkish Bazaar. 

view of turkish bazaar


The light furniture and bright products against the dark interiors allow the products and merchandise to stand out and give the customers the opportunity to focus on the products. 

The dark interiors also simulate the real Turkish bazaar where this is an “outside” versus “inside”, bright versus dark, thus, creating a unique and memorable experience for those using the store as a passage. 

The entrance near the ice cream stand gives customers the opportunity to take pictures whilst waiting for their ice cream. 


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