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With the extremely high numbers of tourists fleeting to the United States of America every summer, the Parking Hotel provides a solution to the crowded Big Apple where this hotel is assembled and dismantled according to number of tourists.  Thus, the hotel provides a sustainable way to accommodate the number of visitors that is dynamic and user-centered. 

The hotel also helps in reducing the pollution as it blocks streets and allows pedestrian to take charge of the street, thus, reducing car and noise pollution. The placement of the containers are diagonally so as to occupy the most efficient space (space of a parking space). 

Otel, Taşınabilir Mimari, Yenilenebilir Mimari, Konteyner

New York, ABD


Mimari, İç Mekan Tasarımı

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The quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the container units makes it a sustainable and a dynamic solution for New York city during peak times. 

hotel room parking hotel trace it lab

Interior of the container hotel room 

parking hotel , plan of container hotel roomparking hotel , perspective of hotel room

Plan and perspective of one hotel room unit 

parking hotel , toilet

Hotel customers still enjoy the luxury of a normal permanent hotel. 

view of the hotel assembled parking hotel

View of container hotel taking up vehicle parking spaces and allowing pedestrians to take over the streets. 


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